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Hi, I've had a yeast infection for several months now but recently it got worst. So I went to the store and bought Monistat 3, though it helped with the burning inside it didn't help with the itching outside. The yeast had already covered a large area, it was just got out of control. So I read several remedies and decieded to go for apple cider vinegar. I got a clean towel poured some vinegar on it and cleaned the whole area with it. I am not going to lie, the pain is horrible but it lasts about 10 minutes. With the vinegar you can actually see where the yeast is growing, it's horrible to see how the yeast is growing in your skin. I did this twice in one day. The second time I was actually able to tell how some of the yeast had already died. In the morning I did it again and again there was less yeast and yes less pain. The vinegar burns where it is killing the yeast. I hope this helps. The pain is horrible but the fact that the yeast is actually growing in your skin is much worst. Believe me it really works and the itching goes away.

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when you use the vinegar do you just use it around the vaginal area or did you do the inside as well? I have also been having trouble with yeast infection and trying to get rid of it. Things seems to work for a little while then it keeps coming back. I am in huge need of some help and advice! Thank you. I also heard from a friend that if you take a bath with baking soda helps also. Have you heard of that?


I also use apple cider vinegar. you can use it internally and externally. Now i dilute it in water and rinse with it at the first sign of itchiness. then i take garlic supplements and probiotics to finish the job.


The apple cider vinegar won't burn if you dilute it. I would say 1/4 cup in 1 - 2 cups warm water to start if the infection is really bad. Straight vinegar on an angry yeast filled vagina is like unholy pain. I learned the hard way, if it hurts, add more water. The vinegar will still do the job, but it won't cause more pain in the process.

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