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This really really works. Get powdered activated charcoal capsules at any drug store. About $4 a box. They are usually sold in the stomach remedy section.
Split open 2 capsule in a small bowl. Becareful black powder can get everywhere. Add a bit of water until it's like tooth paste. Coat it all over the tooth and gums that hurt. Charcoal will pull out the toxins and bacteria that are making it throb and you'll be able to rest and sleep because the pain goes away. You still need to get to an endodontist though...because the it can't cure the root.

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Omg!!! This guy is right it works! I was useing warm water and salt, lots of salt, with the charcoal caps and got red cross tooth ache kit, all cheap less than 20$ bucks, mind you I live in Hawaii where everything is expensive and it was still under 20$, anyways thanks buddy for the input- your a life saver!!!!!!!


Why can't you cure the root?

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