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I have not found permanent relief for a toothache yet, but if you want to sleep,this will provide relief.
First, put icyhot or vicks on the face outside of where the ache is. Then, get a hot or cold washcloth (whatever you prefer. I think hot feels best) and place it on your face and try going to sleep. I sometimes will wake up and have to reapply or I will wake up and it is completely gone! All depends on the person!

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Never use a hot compress on a toothache! If the ache is down to an infection the warmth of a hot cloth will spread it and make it much much worse.

Only ever use ice/cold on toothache!


After my husband didn't sleep for 2 days from his tooth pain, I searched this site and tried several of them Then as a last resort I tried this one and it worked instantly. Thank you!!!


Thank you ever so much. My wisdom tooth was hurting so bad thought i was going to go crazy. Put the vicks on and the pain was gone instantly, pills didn't work, orgel max only numbed it for minutes then the pain is back. BUT THIS WORKS I PROMISE, IT WORKS, IT WORKS, IT WORKS. THANK YOU


Wow! After 2 days of crying from pain from
A broken/infected wisdom tooth I finally for antibiotics but while waiting for it to work I tried everything and nothing worked well then I found this post! I gargled with hot salty, salty water and then rubbed the Vicks on my cheek and applied a hot compress and the pain is gone and I can function like a human being again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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