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Pour a little bit of baby oil onto the babies head and get a tiny comb and go close to the babies scalp and comb it out.Its very tedious but works.Be sure to also use baby shampoo when bathing the baby.

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Eden Rauhihi

that is not a remedy fro craddle cap, if anything it feeds it, and helps spread all over the head and forehead.


I agree with the other comment. Babies skin and scalp are extremely sensitive. Just because it says 'Baby Oil' on it doesn't mean it's actually good for a babies skin.


no, this remedy does work! i have spent so much money on cadle cap treatments and shampoos. applying baby oil to head and leaving in all day cures cadle cap.

Mama Rix

Mineral oils ( like baby oil) are not natural nor are they good for your skin. Sweet almond oil is a much better choice. Also, baby's hair is self cleaning so shampooing is only going to irritate their scalp. Why don' t people know this?


Shampooing the hair touch is what causes cradle cap. They have natrual oils that wards off such things as cradle cap, using shampoo washed them away. My lo is 2 months, she didn't get it until she had a fever from her shots and we put her in the shower with use to soothe her after the third day, she got cradle cap. I actually have been putting coconut oil on before even reading this, its not working. I'll try putting more.

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