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They now sell little drops that are called little tummies and work great. my daughter had horrible colic the first few months, So I boiled some chamomile tea and gave her about two ounces and it worked for her. But be sure to get the tea without caffeine.

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Mommy of 3

This really worked for alk three of my babies, they also had horrible colic, I would cry with them until my mom made him the tea, he slept well from there on.

Xavier's Mommy

I was having the same issue with my son until someone told me about the chamomile tea, i used it and my son sleeps so much better.


Mixed w formula?


I wouldn't mix it with the formula. Since the chamomile tea is water based it can be
given straight from the bottle in small amounts.


Do you keep giving it to them or do you do this just once?

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