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Snoring has been a problem for me since I met my girlfriend three years ago. During that time, I've tried Breathe Right

strips, mouthpieces, and anti-snoring spray. The Breathe Right strips seemed to help, but often fall off in the middle of

the night. The mouthpiece was pure murder. I couldn't fall asleep with that thing in my mouth and it caused the full

weight of my mandible to fall upon my lower teeth, which was quite uncomfortable and I actually think it would have pulled

my teeth out of alignment if I had worn it more. The spray was completely useless.

The best thing I've found is to sleep on my stomach or side using a tennis ball attached to my back. You can get a special

shirt with a pocket in the back (check out that holds a tennis ball. It's too uncomfortable to sleep on

your back with it, so eventually your body learns to stay off of it and I snore much less.

It also helps if your significant other improves the depth of their sleep too

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My husband snored so loud that the roof shakes. Before our baby was born i wore earpugs and could sleep, even though I still heard him a little. Now, with my little one I have to sleep in the other room. My husband snores worse according to his weight, he needs to lose some now to stop snoring.

Someone recommended me to buy a CPAP machines from , but I want to be sure that is the best method.


I use medisnore ,it's mix of several oils'good for one night,and testy ;))


If you quit smoking and alcohol consumption, then you can quit snoring problems. For more information you can visit

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