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For a stie, a hot tea bag, (as hot as you can stand it), works well because the heat draws the puss to the surface and the tannic acid does something, (not sure what,) but when I could see the white head on the surface on the inside of the eyelid I just gently squeezed it and puss drained out. Then, I rinsed with saline....all better now. Be sure to keep rinsing with saline or else infection will happen. (Sties are contagious!)

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Susan Sanders

I get frequent sties, and my eye doctor recommended using an EyeWarmer twice a day for 5 minutes twice a day, and I haven't had a sty in the last 10 months. You can get one at Good luck!


My grandmother recommending trying chamomile tea in this fashion. Something about the chamomile soothes the irritation better than some other kinds of tea. Worked like a charm!


what is saline?


saltwater....dumbass. lol


Green tea bags did not work and caused the whole eyelid to swell!

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