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I have been fighting with anxiety for almost a year now. I have been on prescribed drugs, but they haven't done anything, I have yet to conquer my anxiety, but something that I feel really helps is fresh air. Whether it's opening a window or actually going outside. Also deep breaths imagining that with every breath you are breathing out anxiety and breathing in fresh, pure air. This is the only thing that has seems to help me so far. Best of luck to everyone.

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Recovery Inc has been a life saver for me. Please check out their website and find a group meeting in your area. It helps! recovery-inc dot com


Yes, there is truely something to fresh air and relief of anxiety, I often have to do this while driving.


I would tend to agree. I see significant improvement when I get out more. Particularly when I get exercise. Try to find a team sport to play maybe. That helps me a lot.


I have had anxieity since my divorce with a sleep disorder. Fresh air does help especially at night when im sleeping. Not a fan of Rx drugs.


Yes i recently started having panic attacks, and fresh air does help. I noticed when I was on the porch I felt better, so I started leaving my bedroom window open. It has not cured anything, but it helps.

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