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My name is Chelsi and I have a 1yr old Husky/Rot. She got mange from my cousins dog months ago. We took her to the vet and the little guys finally cleared up. But still after all this time she has all these patchy spots and scabs and bleeding to the bare skin on her tail. I have two major concerns before I try the borax and peroxide. Open wounds okay with this treatment? All effected areas on her face, okay with this treatment? Please tell me your thoughts and opinions on these two things. I need to know before I try it on her. Thank you so much!! I hope this works!!

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I have a husky/rot he has it on his lower back and feet does these remedys work, and he has sores he dug open I dont wanna hurt him, I just want him to feel better


What in the world makes you think it has cleared up when she has scabs and bleeding spots with no hair. Sounds to me like she is terribly infested and probably nearing a fatal level of infestation. The vet can sell you some ivermectin pills that may work, but are pretty hazardous to the health of the pet in some instances, use as a last effort. Dogs are not so picky about their appearance or aroma so there are probably several cures that will help them. For those that are reading this and have or are using the cortisone. STOP. Cortisone is a steroid, these little bastards don't need any steriods to act like swartznager bugs. I have not tried it but the recipe with oil of oregano sounds pretty good, and not that unpleasant. It is said that the old timers used a can of kerosene, (both for the animals and humans) Just wash down all over with kerosene twice a day until they are gone. Modern homeopathic cures show that several oils and astringent additives will work. They just cost more for the more pleasant side effects. neem oil, or olive oil, with a small amount of tumeric. baby oil with listerene, or peroxide. But I would stay away from the borax. It may well work but then on the other hand a bullet will cure the dog as well. Borax ingested is very toxic and can be lethal to most any animal.

A Daily bath with the dog flea and tick shampoo, and then as soon as they are dry one of the homeopathic cure applications, Clean, clean, clean. Spread the diamatacious earth liberally, everywhere. It is completely non toxic and inert. is not harmful to mammals but is deadly to any insect. spread it around and vacuum with it. When it gets sucked into the vacuum with any bugs it will fix them. Can't hurt other than making your entire house look like rip van winkle lives there, but does surely help, but only works when it is DRY. Oh yes it is an abrasive as well. So anything you may have around that has metal on metal moving parts (like your guns, etc.) will need to be cleaned to remove the D earth before they are used to prevent damage from the sanding effects of the D earth.

Hope this helps some

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