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Get a makeover and kill lice , too.
Just die your hair with permanent
hair color. It instantly kills lice and their eggs.

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This absolutely does not work. Try the mayo, denorex, and coconut treatment and you have to comb EVERY day, a couple times a day, as well as clean bed linens, carpets, etc every day until they are gone.
Good luck!


this is bullshit hair dye may kill some bugs but not all of them and no it definatly does not kill the nits get the facts straight before you post this crap


Somebody lied to you. Hair Dye will dye the bugs but they are still alive and well.


I'm 42 and thought I was finally lice free, so I dyed my hair. This did NOT kill the nits. I combed out a few dead adult lice in a pretty reddish brown. The nits hatched later on and set up camp complete with roasted marshmellows and hotdogs.


Hair dye is all pain and no gain in killing lice.. Most of you will still have lice after you've rinsed out the dye.. The dye is too thin to suffocate the bugs.. I dyed my hair three (3) times during my first battle with lice, with no success..(I didn't know I had it at the time) I had done my own acrylic tips and used superglue to glue them on.. A few hours later, I dyed my hair for the second time and ended up scratching so hard, I lost half of my newly done nails and most of the nail beds along with them..

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