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Get a makeover and kill lice , too.
Just die your hair with permanent
hair color. It instantly kills lice and their eggs.

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not only hairdye, applying hair straightener does the same. it really works!


well i dyed my hair. i had very small eggs, maybe about 5. so i dyed my hair. i still found an egg. not sure if it killed it or not. remember, even the finest tooth comb WILL NOT remove the eggs. they're too small to grab. i know, that stinks.


hair die is great for killing louce but it does not kill the knits. but you could weight aprox 8-10 days and plaster your hair with
mayo/merical whip leave in over night
plus the eggs in the merical whip will
make your hair look and feel great after you wash and style.
aj hair care prof.


I dyed my hair with a permanent amonia based color,which I left on for 30 minutes instead of 25 and still found live bugs 3 to be exact!!!


Yeah but it doesn't remove the nits, if there is still nits in the hair the child can not return to school.


This does not work. I tried it even dyed my daughters hair. Still we carried it in our hair. Thank God the dye finally grew out.


Don't count on straightener or hair color to kill lice. I am a hair stylist and have seen them live through everything as long as they have a person to live on. And if I were trying to treat naturally, I would try that NITMIX. You have to sit and comb out and remove everything....but it's not poisoning your kids. Makes sense.


i tried this i am still infested


I used hair dye on my hair and my daughter it worked great.Make sure you wash and dry all bedding and clothing 1st.Some nits will still be found, i went through my childs hair with a fine tooth comb and cut the nits out with sciorrs, I did'nt want to take the chance of just combing them out.


Ive dyed my hair then bleached still hasnt worked

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