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I am reporting back about my German Short Hair Pointer having mange at base of tail. I tried the home remedy and she stopped itching and it looked good the next day. By the end of the next day, she was biting at area and now was irritated. I remember reading about making the borax solution with less water. At this point, I made a paste of it. Using a sponge, I concentrated on the base of the tail and a little wider. She seemed to be ok, maybe it bothered her at first, but a few minutes later after reassuring her its ok, she was fine. I did this outside in the sun and stayed outside with her until it dried completely. I knew some of it would fall off. What was left did a great job that was on her area for hours. The next day her bare spot had not been red, or irritated. In fact, the hair had started to grow back! Next, I checked her for fleas with the NIT comb. (Love it, fleas can't dodge this one, picks up all flea dirt too!) Unfortunately, I found many of them. I washed her again in Seargent's Oatmeal Flea & Tick Shampoo really concentrating on her back and belly area. I probably spent almost 10 min massaging her down with the shampoo to kill these awful fleas. (Now being 2 days later from last shampoo) Chloe loved the massage! After drying her off, she was happy and not itching. I treated my 2 boxers with the Sentry PRO Monthly Flea, Tick & Mosquito Treatment. I will treat Chloe in a few days not wanting to overdo it with her. My backyard will be treated after it stops raining and carpets. Their bedding has been washed again in Borax too. I will use white vinegar (that I also read in my home remedies) for my carpets adding it to my carpet cleaner. For the past 3 days, my dogs have been getting 1 oderless garlic capsule everyday to repel ticks and fleas. My dogs don't mind it! Thanks for all the suggestions!

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Garlic pills work for fleas??


You are not supposed to give a dog garlic

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