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From what I've seen and heard, ACV, Oxyfend and Wartamine are by far the best genital warts treatments available. There are too many salesmen and promo people pushing Wartrol and other brands which seriously takes away their credibility. Read what's on the websites, it makes a big difference to choose a treatment from a company that actually UNDERSTANDS how frustrating genital warts can be.

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Dear all, I have had the issue of genital warts for a year now. I have tried the ACV treatment but my skin was very sensitive and I couldn't use it continuously. Lately I was preparing my master thesis and had really long night and had to boost my energy by energy drinks. I used RED BULL for two nights in a row and after some 3 days some of my warts disappeared and some of them reduced to a notable size. I did not realize what was going on until I recalled an article about energy drinks effects on warts. I now drink a Red bull every 3 or 4 days since I don't think if drinking too much would have greater effects. I am so pleased to have determined its effect and I hope my post can help other people as well


oxyfend is a ripoff. it doesn't work. total bullshit.

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