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Well here's a very good solution for acne i use it twice a day and you can really see the difference...First you'll need a bowl,tumeric powder,nutmeg,cinnamon,and lemon juice (it's not manditory for lemon juice or tumeric)Second once you have the ingredients take 9 tbls. of cinnamon and nutmeg, then put in the bowl, then (if you want to) put 2 pinches of tumeric and one teaspoon of lemon juice ,mix it all together with some H20 and there you go an excellent ance killer, enjoy it! HINT:FOR EVEN FASTER RESULTS TRY KEEPING IT IN THE FRIDGE SO THAT MEANS IT'S GONNA BE COLD WHEN YOU PUT IT ON. GOOD LUCK

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That's a great home remedy but you forgot the most important ingredient FLOUR that doesn't do anything but If you want to make a mask out of it use two quarts of flour!

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