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apply a small amount of preparation h
under eyes, wait 15 minutes and wipe
off. An instant fix.

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Yea i tried this and there was no noticable difference...try hot teabags insted


it works :P but is disgusting


Please don't try this. Although effective, it thins your skin out. So with time it will make your eyes appear much much worse.


acctually It does work....I'm a model and its what you put under your eyes to not look so tiered for a shoot. put it on for a hour and take it off. works for the dark circles to. whats with the children commenting on this site?


ive tried it also didnt really work for me thogh and ive even tried frozen spoons they dont work either but i dont have dark circles it just looks like ive just woke up out of bed all the time with my puffy eyes

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