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apply a small amount of preparation h
under eyes, wait 15 minutes and wipe
off. An instant fix.

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I tried this one a lot with absolutely no effect. DARN!


what is preparation H and where can you get it from? and do cammomile tea bags help?


i have tries prepartion h and it did not work. i also received a bleaching ointment from my dermatologist - applied too much and burned and discolored under my eyes more. now i am wearing glasses to conceal the way my eyes look. i am also applying aloa vera directly from the plant for healing!


People keep asking HOW prep H would help your eyes. Well, dark circles sometimes come from broken blood capileries. Which would be why it helps. Heals it. Its not like you stick it ON your butt and THEN use the same stuff on your eyes. Come on people its a creame/gel! Many other products are used in various places. My dermatolgist said it works and I just started now too. I know someone who works with models and thats what they use after a 'rough night.'


This really only works if you have the bags under your eyes due to lack of sleep or something of that nature. If your bags are heretitary it won't work.


This used to be an effective remedy. However in the last 2 years Prep H has changed its active ingredient and it does not shrink your eyes the way it used to. If you try it now you'll see it hardly works.

ed derri

i have developed an over night hemmoroid side effects. please help me market this cure.


why would u comment if u hadnt tried it, and don't intend to. your input doesn't help people. Its not as tho your rubbing piles all over your face, it actually works.


i dont know what the active ingredient in this was that used to make it work, but Ive heard from different sources that preperation h doesnt include that ingredient anymore so it doesnt work for under eye circles now!!!


I tried it. It lighten the circles a little, but I will not use it on a daily basis for fear of irritation.

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