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25 Comments for the Dark Circles Under Eyes Home Remedy


apply a small amount of preparation h
under eyes, wait 15 minutes and wipe
off. An instant fix.

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This is a great way ti fix puffy eyes, but I don't think it helps the dark circles.


oh,my god.
i suppose it would tighten the skin and help the saggy baggys.but i doubt it would help the color.


this is used for hemmoroids how in the world is it going to help your eyes ?


do you really want something that is supposed to go on your butt on your face

baggy eyes

i have tried this home remedy, for my baggy eyes and found that it doesnt seem to work, or at least i dont think it does. i dont see a significant difference in the puffiness. tho i heard it works best cold. refridgerate the ointment before using.


ive tried this but i didnt wipe it off!! i just put it on before bed. either way, i didn't notice a difference at all though. i'm going to try cammomile tea bags tonight.


the hemmoroid cream tightens the skin so if u have bags its a quick fix. it wont help the color much tho


Are you kidding me? This will not go anywhere near my face, PERIOD! Unless, that is, I develope hemorrhoids on my eyes.


Why do people comment before they try it? Opinions before trying are not helpful.


My dermatologist says that this is the best thing out there that helps with the dark circles. Truth be told, I haven't tried it yet but I plan on it!

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