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History of the Abcess first: Under a bridge. starts aching a little about 6 days ago. You always hope it will go away. It never does. By Sunday I'm at work and I know I am doomed. Only have Tylenol. Take i every 6 hours. Then 2 every 4 hours, 500 mg each. Helps at first, but by Monday afternoon it is not even TOUCHING the pain. Can't see dentist until Tuesday. (Note to self: start petition requiring all aspiring dentists must have suffered at least one abcessed tooth before getting a degree.) Pain is unbearable by 1:30. Find an overlooked tylenol with codein tab and take it. No relief an hour later, so open the notebook and start looking for home remedies. I first tried white tea bag between gun and bridge for 15 minutes. Didn't draw out the abcess. Applied heating pad, mild relief. Still head banging pain. Now even my dogs look worried. Next I tried rinsing mouth with Toms mouth wash..has witch hael and aloe. Surprisingly, area felt marginally better. Found some oil of clove from Hippy store and squirted on the gum. Wow. Instant relief, too bad didn't last. Encouraged, I soaked a green tea bag with vanilla extract and clove oil. I'm not jumping for joy here but one of those things or all are helping a little. I think the clove oil by itself directly on the gum felt the best at least for a few seconds. I know nothing will work permanently except to pull the damn already had a root canal but I think Someone who never had an abcess missed a root a few years ago!!

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