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I decided to look up what others do for stomach aches and found you guys!

Some of the remedies on here actually makes medical sense, high 'rating' or not, for example [but not limited to] the following;

1) Eating burnt toast - Charcoal can help with mild digestive upsets, stop diarrhea, viral and bacterial infections.

Charcoal adsorbs toxins, renders them inert and carries them through the digestive tract.
This is because it is not metabolized or digested by the human body. It is a valuable aid in the treatment of accidental poisonings.

The powder can be placed in the mouth and moistened with saliva for swallowing. It is also possible to administer it as a slurry like mixing it with water as mentioned above.

2) Ingesting yogurt and/or other dairy products - I'm NOT a doctor but I know from experience that the active bacteria in said products is NOT what makes your belly quit aching, this is an old myth if you will...

The reason it DOES work is cause of it's high calcium content i.e. the calcium will make the content it your stomach and intestinal tract PH-neutral, the very same reason why we eat 'Tums' for heart-burn!

The bacteria in yogurt WILL aid you in replenish the natural occurance of symbiotic bacteria in your colon after taking antibiotics though, there fore one should always eat 1-2 yogurts per day the first few days after completing an antibiotics treatment - but only AFTER said prescription is completely done.

[This I know from 9 years as a survival instructor in U.S. and Swedish Army for 9 years]

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