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Marine Mama

I have had to battle with headlice for the last 4 years with my step children. We tried the Rid-x for the first 12 weeks with my step-daughter, and by then the whole house had it so we were desperately looking for a remedy...
So what we found that works everytime is Listerine (the blue minty one) soaked into the hair for 2 hours (with a shower cap on) then wash out with Daen dish soap, comb through hair. Spray in white vinegar leave in for 1 hour (cover with new shower cap) wash out with dawn again, comb... Everytime that I have used it, no one has had lice afterwards... We do it everytime and everytime it has worked. It does take some time, but it is worth not having to wash the whole house over and over again!! I also do it to mine and have never had a problem after the first round with just the rid-x... I is also cheap!!

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I have to say that the listerine thing is amazing!! The first hour is grueling just for the fact that I could feel the the bite and stuff going on, but when I took the shower cap off, it was like a killing spree had taken place. I didn't use the dawn liquid soap, instead I found that coconut shampoo and conditioner is something they hate as well. So after doing the listerine and the vinger and combing out all the dead and some and I mean some small amt of live bugs, I used the conconut shampoo and conditioner. It works wonders! I love the listerine and will use again if this problem pops up again!


I was wondering if there is a specific Dawn that I should use.

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