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lisa richards

Stop eating dairy!! (try almond, rice or soy milk and cheese)the human body was never to consume dairy. Also cut out eggs (you can replace for baking an egg replacement) and then cut out gluten (you can still eat brown rice or some corn). I literally would scratch my skin off until I blead and always had horrible skin/breakouts and low energy (still trying to bounce back from that). But stop dairy, eggs and wheat/gluten and the extra perk is 20lb healthy weight loss!!! Not that hard, you can do it!

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dear all. i got pso since 10 years. i stop dairy to, take cod fish oil, daily bleach bath and altenate one day pure vaseline jelly and other palmers cocoa. 2 monthhs i am clean. wish u all the best


If removing gluten made your skin clear up, it sounds like it was/is dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) and not psoriasis. DH is caused by a gluten intolerance or Celiac disease and can only be cured with a gluten free diet. I have been glute/dairy/oat free for a year and am still having problems with psoriasis. Whichever it is, I'm glad it cleared up for you.


I'm a vegan and do not eat any of the above listed items. However, my scalp pso continues and thrives.


Sadly, we have been gluten/dairy/soy free for years with no results with regard to Psoriasis. I do recommend this diet highly though for those with fatigue, digestion issues and/or seem to get sick often. We have seen dramatic improvement with these issues!!


Before eliminating foods from your diet, have a food allergy test done. Eating organic is best, so preparation of foods is probably something to consider the most. Just watch for correlations between foods and your skin and if you feel that a food triggers the problem, stay away from it. We are all different.

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