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I had oozing blisters on my wrists so I;

1. Rubbed them with isopropyl alcohol (i like using a q-tip)to break the blister open.

2. Applied a gritty mix of salt and dawn Dish soap (it was green anti-bacterial but i do not know if that is relavent) and let the mix dry.

I dont know exactly why (too far removed from my chemistry days) but this fixed me up. I did not have a severe case but it was quite bothersome. I had blisters on both wrists where my gloves and long sleeve shirt didn't quite protect me. I tried traditional treatments (store bought CRAP) on one wrist and gave up after 2 days b/c the other wrist was almost healed up from the alcohal/salty dawn method. Plus only one blister took more than one application. I would love to know the chemistry behind this method and if it would work on more severe cases.

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my guess would be that the dawn dissolved the oils and the salt dried it out, same with the alcohol it dries it out, i'm using alcohol right now but it isn't working the greatest.


ok so i just tried this July 2, 2011 i will post again once something happens, but i will say this i am itch free right now :)

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