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Hi all. Im a 33y/o male who rarely used protection during my teens and early 20s. I get tested regularly and in by my late 20's I changed my sexual behavior by using condoms and becoming monogamous. I have never had an STI and even though I found a wart on my shaft 2 weeks ago, I still feel pretty lucky to have maintained a relatively clean bill of health.
I used ACV on a wart a bit bigger than the tip of a ballpoint pin. Withing 2 days it was completely black and at this point I think it was scabbed over but I couldnt tell so I continued the ACV. I would soak a cotton ball in ACV and tape it to my shaft and wear it more or less all day. By the 3rd day the burning had increased and I could not bear even a few seconds. As it turns out, I over did it with the vinegar. On the fourth day the skin around the wart had turned black as well, scabbed over. I took a bath that night after 15 minutes or so all the black scab came off on its own. The skin beneath was very tender and pink and where the wart was there was a little white circle.
At first I thought this was still the wart but by morning it had turned into a scab. The scab lasted 3 more days and is now gone.
I think the next time I need to do this I will use a moleskin patch to place around the wart thus protecting the noninfected issue and then apply the ACV.
I also purchased a tube of OxyFend just to have in the future. I am not sure about this product as it is totally new and take 3 weeks to ship if you order it from the US.
If I have another outbreak I will post the results with the oxyfend if no one has at that point. Most of the OxyFend posts sound like sales reps IMO

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Anyone who believes Oxyfend stories are as dumb as cake batter. Wartrol, Oxyfend, and other scams don't work. Don't waste your money! If your not gonna go to see a doctor, use TTO, ACV, or some over the counter wart freezer, or wart remover.

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