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Queen Elizabeth and Native Americans used the medicinal value of marijuana to soothe cramps....simple and organic :)

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Wow thanks soooo much it felt like daggers were being thrown in my ovaries everything is peachy now.


I have had cramps for months on end at time (been checked for everything and no one can find out what's wrong with me except that I have an IUD) and after nearly overdosing on painkillers to try and get rid of the pain, I tried this.
DONE! All gone. Including my ovulation pain. Isn't it funny that a plant is illegal when it does things (helps with stomach disorders, insomnia, pain, anxiety sometimes, depression) that other things claim to do without the effects of others? I have damaged my liver trying to get rid of cramps, and a joint did the trick. WOW!


works like a charm

straight A bio major

It helps me and I have been prescribed Vicodin for cramps by my doctor, even those don't work as well, super relaxing for everything, and it helps with my upset stomach due to being a woman LOVE IT!


It helps for sure! I've had horrible cramps all day, worst ever- I'm 34- and realized I had not smoked...much better.


AGREED! It cures cramps, headaches, muscle soreness, etc etc!!! But leta be sure and keep all manufactured chemicals legal!! Heaven forbid a lil weed!!


Exactly!! It sucks when you're broke though. Haha

Mary jane

Mmm yes Mary cures the pain for anything;) nature can't be illegal


I'm thirteen and haven't gotten my period yet, but I often experience cramps like the ones women get during their period. Is that weird? Is there something wrong with me? Please comment back if you know what's wrong or if you have suggestions to help me. Thanks! P.S. I don't do marijuana, I know better than that even though some people actually need it. I respect that.


You all need to move to Seattle where it's legal now. It helps us deal with the fact that it's raining constantly too :)

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