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hi i read these remedies and really was not too convinced but i went to the store bought apple cider vinegar and compound w that night i put the compound w on the nails i had 2 that were so thick i could not cut them with clippers and they had been like this for 20 plus years well the next night i noticed that a piece of the nail was coming off (flaking)so i got the emery board a wide one and filed it down well imagine my surprise i have 2 completely normal nails now after 2 applications do yourself a favor and try it it cost less than 10.00 and i can finally wear sandals thank you so much to who ever printed this tip

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Hi where can I buy compound w & what does W stand for.thank you


compound W is wart treatment. the W stands for wart. gl :)


What did you do with the apple cider vinegar? Did you soak your toes in it? And when it dries, you put the compound W?

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