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Anne Belline

After Reading all the remedies for mange, I decided to go by the most talked about remedy with the Borax. We discovered that there was lump under our German Short Haired Pointer. (who adopted us - stray) Since she is black/white ticking with black liver spots, we never noticed the lump at the base of her stumpy tail. When I initially looked at it, I didn't understand what it was since it was all scabbed over under her fur. I did detect some fleas on our 2 boxers and with a NIT comb (excellent for finding fleas in short coats) checked our German Short Haired Pointer. Since she did have them too, I thought this was a bad case of fea dirt! I have never delt with fleas before, only ticks. I used Seargeant's Oatmeal flea and tick shampoo right away. Afterwards, I noticed some of the hair coming off the base of the Pointer's tail. I figured it softened it up and fell off. By morning there was a round bare spot at the base of her tail that looked good. I read in one of the suggestions to use a flea and tick shampoo and leave on for 5 min. I scrubbed all areas, being gentle by her tail. At this point, I have not called the vet and assuming she has the derm mange. I am curious to see if I can head this off. I have just come back from getting the supplies for the borax solution and will try it. She is still biting and itching her bare spot. I hope the other dogs don't get it. I am going to wash all bedding in borax. Will report back to everyone! Thank you for the suggestions!

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Be sure to isolate the i.fected dog from the others. Mange is very contagious between dogs.

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