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I had a sliver of glass in my foot and couldn't get it out. I researched home remedies on line and only found remedies for wood splinters however I was desperate so I tried one which really sounds absurd but it worked! I put a piece of bacon fat on the spot,adhere it with a band aid and wrapped the area so it wouldn't slip out. I don't eat pork but it sounded crazy enough to work. The next day the glass was gone!! Sounds crazy but it works!

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Richard NZ

Hi,have just tried your remedie, had a wood splinter in my big toe for a week ,12 hours later it popped out after using bacon fat under plaster,superb!


wow it really works, I had wooden splinters in my foot very deep and tried the bacon fat. It drew them all out but all my hair fell out too what did I do wrong?


This sounded crazy enough to try....AND IT WORKED. I put bacon on it before going to bed and wrapped gauze around it to keep the bacon in place. (This glass had been in there of two months.) What I thought was a sliver of glass ended up being a 1/4' x 1/2' piece of glass. It was right at the surface waiting to be pulled out the next morning. THANK YOU!!

Keith S.

1/4' x 1/2' is 3 inches by 6 inches- that's one honkin' big piece of glass! (methinks you meant 1/4' by 1/2')- just a little friendly razzin' there!

Keith S.

(interesting- I guess this website doesn't recognize double-quote marks, as mine also came out single as well)


I remember as a kid(5-8 years of age) Gram and Pop lived on a farm in Ks. and I got a splinter in my foot and that's what she used, Bacon Fat, the wonder removal tool...


should one cook the bacon first??? i am here soaking my foot in epsom salts trying to remove a very painfull splinter from my foot


I'm going to try this....x

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