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I have had a boil growing for a least 3 weeks now. But it didn't have no head to it, so left it alone. Well Friday morning when I got home all I could do was cry. It hurt to move my whole right upper body.(boil under right armpit) I have always gotten small boils there. But anyway after a shower I applied a hot wash cloth for about 15 mins to maybe relieve some pain. It's the size of 2 golf balls and as deep as 1. Then I fell asleep, with the towel off. I woke up to find out it opened on its own and it was draining. I sat there for 20 mins pushing around the area and stuff was oozing out like crazy. Well after 24 hours its still draining and has barely went down in size. But I keep it bandage up with ointment. I change the pads every 2 hours cause its draining so much. but the pain relief this was awesome!!

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It's most likely MRSA! You need to get it cultured and get on the proper antibiotics!


it may be MRSA or staph but I think it mre'ly may be a condition called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Underarms along with the inner thighs, pubic region, under the breasts and buttocks are areas where this is common. It's caused by apocrine sweat glands and/or hair folicules becoming clogged and it's an inflammatory condition that is not contagious (although they can become infected when they drain since they are open wounds at that point). It is also likely for boils caused by HS to get really large (like golf balls). They don't form heads as esily as other boils do. Many people with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Diabetes and or insulin resistance are prone to getting HS (but certainly not all of them). Please look up this condition to find out more about it to see if this is what you are suffering with. I wish you good health!


What IS HS?


Oh pardon me, . . im dense sometimes. .


I have had this condition H.s for five years now. I get these HUGE abceses in my groin area, my armpits and between my breasts. Mine get to be the size of hardballs in my armpits and golf balls in my groin area...some of them never really go away and everytime i get them lanced they seem to come right back no matter how clean i keep the area and how many times i finish the antibiotics. Im thinking I am going to contact a general surgeon to have them remove my glands. the areas i get these bumps are hard to keep dry ALL day EVERY day so IM thinking this might work...any comments would be of help//or advice!


Just saw a segment on Dr. Oz about boils and a girl was on the show who had a huge boil under her armpit. He suggested applying Apple Cider Vinegar with a cotton ball under her arms each day after washing (boil or no boil). He said the vinegar will kill any bacteria growing there and should cut down on frequency if not eliminate the boils entirely. Sounds like a good idea to me. I don't have boils there but do have 'deodorant breakthrough' and since using apple cider vinegar each morning - no more stink!! I use deodorant NOT anti antiperspirant. (cannot use antiperspirants)


Hi my name is rosie and I have a abscess on side of my buttocks it's drained out alot of pus and blood but i am in crucial pain on right side of leg and impossible for me to sit down or lay down with discomfort. Should I go to emergency because I am in so much pain

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