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Jim J.

Abscess remedy that worked for me:

1. Floss between teeth to clear a path for the good stuff to do its work.

2. Dip toothbrush in colloidal silver and brush affected area... swish through your teeth and hold for a few minutes before spitting (or swallowing).

3. Apply thin slice of garlic between tooth and gum for about 5 minutes, swishing through your teeth...chew it up as it loses it's zing (Do Not leave raw garlic in your mouth this way when you go to sleep or for a long period of time- It'll eat right through your skin leaving a raw painful area that'll take days to me)

4. Buy some tea tree oil toothpicks (I prefer 'Thursday Plantation' chewing sticks. Chew on them through the day to keep your mouth fresh and clear of bad stuff and swish that around through your teeth occasionally as well.

This simple process knocked out a recurring abscess that I'd had for about a year (keeping it at bay with garlic only) and I haven't needed a dentist.

Of course, if your abscess has progressed too far, you'd be wise to just pony up for the dental visit. Hope this helps someone as it did me.

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