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Peel a clove of garlic and insert in vagina about a fingers length in. Place in new garlic clove before bed. Do this for 3 or 4 days. To remove just push hard like your taking a bowel movement. This works every time :)

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I thought to do this about a year ago after researching the benefits of garlic. I used one clover over night and that cleared up the problem.

shi shi

garlic sure worked for me its a miracel herb


i agree. garlic works great.
one thing though. has anyone had to wait longer that 3 days for their garlic to come out? this has been the longest it has been up there. any suggestions for me ladies?


This worked and is not messy.


this worked amazingly! i tried it and a minute later i felt less irritation and by five minutes i was completly relived!


Will I be in problem if the garlic clove does not come out?


Just sew a string through the middle of the garlic for easy retrieval later so all you'll have to do is tug on the string to help ease it out


I thought this was very weird but I'd give it a go as I was fed up and depressed with the irratation, it has eased and I can't thank this site enough for all the natural things to try


I have a very severe case of yeast infection, and landed in the ER last night. Had already taken 2 diflucan's and used monistat. I was severely swollen and red as a cherry. Just as I was reading about inserting a garlic clove, I jumped up and peeled one. When I first tried to insert it hurt, because I am so very swollen, finally was able to get it in. A little burning, but only for a few seconds and now I cant believe the relief I feel. I have no burning, no itching and even the swelling has gone down. I have had it in for about an hour now. Going to take it out and also try the apple cider vinegar and salt bath now. Thanks for all the suggestions

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