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My wife has herpes simplex 2 on her bottom I found this cure it works very well and will help control future outbreaks. If you have a outbreak take 3 4 bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide run a bath put the 3 bottles in the bath water and soak for a 30 min. Repat 3 or 4 days and the herpes will have probably cleared up if not repeat. Your body will heal so fast it won't scab for the most part. If. You feel like an out break coming do step one and you will not even break out.

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Thanks I will go tomorrow and get some peroxide. Will let you know if it works.
I really hope it works. Cause I have had mine for awhile. It is very painful and discomfort to me. I have not told anyone at all about my situation, so i just deal with and do what I can to keep my boyfriend on having sex with me. I always say I have a boil coming and it is painful.

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