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Patricia (Patty)

After hearing about putting soap in bed (sounds goofy I know) helping so many people, I decided to give it a try. I slipped a small bar of soap in my sheets, and to my amazement slept peacefully for the first time in years! After doing some research online I found lots of people who said this had been a lifesaver, but no medical reason as to why it works. I'm not asking too many questions though, cause all I know is I'm sleeping like a baby and can actually relax at night! I've hear that dove and ivory don't work, but haven't tried either so I can't really say. Also, my friend bought a soap like product in some type of pad and said it worked wonders, but I have to find out the name, it was rlspad or wonderpad or something like that. Best of luck to all!

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Was it the LegMedic Mattress Pad?


This did not work for me at all.


May I ask about what kind of soap you put in the bed? I am willing to try anything!


I have tried everything besides the soap. The only thing that has worked for me is Pexola which is very expensive. RLS is effecting every aspect of my life. I am honestly afraid to get into bed at night. I am going to try the soap and if it fails then I can honestly say I have tried everything and will just have to pay for my peace of mind. Will keep you posted.


The soap has worked for many months now but recently it stopped working, and now my pains are worse than ever!


Ivory soap under the sheet by your lower legs works great! Give it time -- it doesn't happen overnight. It takes a few weeks to a month and wahlahhhh -- NO RLS!


Soap worked for me, also, for several months. Then, stopped working.

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