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OMG THANK YOU so very much... As you all know why I am here... My tooth has been KILLING me for 3 weeks.. I have gone to er gotten antibiotics pain pills ive used clove oil,ice water hot water, heating bottles, orajel, toothpaste, hospital brand topical anesthetic from er nothing has worked until I got on here and someone posted about the pure vanilla... So i ran into my kitchen stuck a qtip in the bottle for a quick 10 seconds put it right on my upper tooth bite down gritted my teeth on it and thank god POOF the pain was gone... Now 30 mins later im able to sit here with dry eyes and no pain and now go to sleep..the pain was instantly gone I cant even tell the nerve was so painful. I can bite down without excruciating pain now.. May god bless you whomever posted about the vanilla ... Goodnight..

P.s. Now it will be added to my purse medicine bag for any tooth pain relieve...

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Want to thank everyone for there ideas on tooth pain..ive been in pain since i can remember..and i know the pain you are all in ...ive tried everything fro a to z ...sometimes they work and again nothing..alot of sleepless nights...wish i had the answers for you all..but again everyone is different..just wanted to say good luck and prayers fir some good nights rest....

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