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Heat is fantastic. Also, and this takes endurance to try, but a friend's mentioned success with contrast therapy. Start with a cold pack on your pelvis for 5-10 minutes (which your body will be a bit angry about if you are cramping), then switch to heat. NOTE: Talk to your doctor about using cold or heat. There are times when either or both are contraindicated. For instance for those with high blood pressure, cardiac issues, poor sensitivity to temp, vasospastic disease, respiratory disorders, Raynaud's syndrome, among others.
Also, earlier in your cycle you can seek ilio-psoas massage. Do not attempt to receive this work when you are menstruating, as it will most likely encourage worsening cramps if you do. It can be very physically and emotionally difficult to receive this form of massage, but some women find this treatment to be effective at lessoning cramps during mentstration if received earlier in the cycle.
A WORD OF ADVICE THOUGH: Persistent or worsening cramping, or cramping which interferes with your daily life may be a sign of other pelvic conditions. Talk to your doctor, or a clinic if this is the case.
Staying hydrated (that means good old, plain H2O), laying off the caffeine (if an option), getting rest, and staying physically active (if in the condition to do so) throughout your cycle can have a large impact on cramping, and even mood, as well.

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