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I had suffered with a plantar wart on the bottom of my heal that was the size of a nickle for about 6 months. It had spread to the bottom of one of my toes on the same foot. It had become so painful I could hardly walk some days. I tried two over the counter remedies that did not work. I tried duct tape, nothing. I went to my doctor twice and had liquid nitrogen treatments that were so painful I felt sick to my stomach. After the treatments I couldn't walk for 2 was awful! About a week before I was suppose to go back to the doctors for another treatment I came on this website and read about Apple Cider Vinegar. I told a co-worker I was going to try it for a week and see what happens. I started applying a small piece of cotton ball soaked in ACV and covered it with duct tape every morning and before bed. For the first couple of days I would take some advil because it was a little sore. Within 5 days I could see the skin around the wart was dead and starting to indent. My wart finally became flush with the rest of my heal and there was no pain at all. After a week I started to lift away some of the dead skin. I left it alone and about 3 days ago i was able to completely peel away both warts. I wish I had of known about ACV when this started...just amazing!!!!

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Did you leave the cotton ball containing ACV on all day?


I have a pw on the bottom of my foot and its been there for awhile. I didnt know what it was for a long time. Once i figured out what it was i decided to try the apple cider vinegar. I did it faithfully for almost 2 weeks and the pw was balling bigger and bigger on my foot and i wasnt able to put any pressure on it at all. I stopped and it started to shrink in size again and i can at least put a little pressure on it. I dont know if it was suppost to do that and i didnt know what else to do it was getting difficult to walk so here i am back at square one

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