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Ok i get very bad cases of poison EVERYTHING, even my eyes will swell shut! so i decided that since we are supposed to take benadryl or sudafed orally i was going to turn them into paste with honey and apply it topically. I have it on right now, it gives you a soothing burning sensation.

Here is the mixture:
take 1 sudafed allergy pill, place it in a bowl, put 1 tiny drop of water on the pill to make it easy to crush, then take the backside of a spoon and smash the pill into a powder.

then cut 2 benadryl pills open them and pour in the bowl on top of the sudafed pile.

take the spoon and put about a tsp of honey on top of the powders, then stir into a paste.

Apply pasted to affected area and allow to dry, then take a wet washcloth and gently rub off the solution.


* personally i am going to keep my paste on as long as possible, but do what is comfortable for you.

I will comment on my results.

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Sudafed is not an allergy pill. If you are talking about benedryl that would make sense but sudafed is a decongestant.


I didnt know you could buy sudafed anymore.

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