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So here's what I came up with.
Keep away from sugars. They will be the death of you in this painful time. Fruit sugars are okay.

Since angular chelitis is a type of yeast infection, Capryl will do you wonders. Its a type of vitamin with calcium, magnesium, Zinc and Caprylic Acid.

What this will do is take up all the excess yeast in your body. Since our bodies naturally produce yeast, you don't wanna get rid of all of your yeast entirely, but balance it.

I know that Solaray makes a resin free, and sodium free capsule for this. And also, Whole Foods Market's private label brand has one. They are the same price, but I'd recommend Solaray, anyway.

Take some multi-vitamins and increase your iron intake via supplements or iron enriched foods.

Also, one last bit of advice, try to use something called Egyptian Magic. I've always used this for cracked lips. Though its kind of pricey, it will keep the cuts moisturised enough while they heal up. If you can find samples of it, by all means do that since the tub is like 36.99 at Whole Foods. Ask a member of their whole body department if they have any samples of anything.

I'm currently trying to get my cuts to heal, but what amazed me was three hours after taking my Capryl supplement, the cuts on my lips started to heal over.

I hope this helps. These things are so embarrassing. Give me feed back.

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