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I don't have a remedy, but here's my story.. I started taking a generic of Prozac about three months now, it has done wonders for me, but I give all the glory to God about that. Anyway when I go to bed at night it usually get RLS, not only in my legs, but in my arms also ( arms may be worse than legs in my situation. ) its a side effect from the medication.. Usually if I get up & set in a chair as I am now, it goes away. One night I even had it in my back!!! But the benefits far out way the negatives!

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I take the generic of prozac and I still have bad RLS. I have done Everything and dont know what else to do!


I've also found that my RLS is much worse while taking prozac. However, this seems to hinder my happiness, as I can't sleep at all... Do other antideppressats also cause RLS?


Talk to your doctor or find a new doctor. There are many, many, many antidepressants out there and one may work for you without giving you the rls side effect. Ask your doctor to change your medication but keep in mind, it could take months for the drug to build up in your system and for you to see if it is working without the side effects, or not. Good luck.

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