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I've tried a number of solutions including the following Tecnu, J&J's poison ivy scrub, calamine lotion, poison ivy tablets (supposedly builds immunity), caladryl spray and lotion, fels-naptha soap, ditch the itch soap, castile soap, bleach, hot water, salt, pine tar soap, sulphur poweder, florasone cream, cortaid, burt's bees poison ivy soap, antihistamines such as Allegra, Triamcinolone, Quercetin, Butterbur, probiotics, Triphala and GOOP hand cleaner. NONE of these worked. I finally beat poison ivy after trying everything in the world by using AZTEC SECRETS Indian Healing Clay. As the clay dries, it sucks the poison ivy oil out of your skin. With each application it gets better. Usually by the 4th day of using it the poison ivy itch is completely gone and your skin can begin healing.

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Baking soda works well.

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