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A cleaned colon will often alleviate bad breath.

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People, please be careful of over the counter colon cleansers. Your colon has bacteria that it needs to stay healthy..sounds crazy but you ask any doctor about it. If you regularly use any type of colon cleansers, you destroy the bacteria and it can make you deathly sick.

If your breath is truly bad, I suggest getting a tongue cleaner. Getting bacteria off the tongue works wonders.

If you've basically tried everything, then please see a doctor. You could have a health problem that needs to be treated.


Orabrush! I just saw all of the Hype about this so called miraculous tongue cleaner. Also, replace your colon cleansers with diatomaceous earth. Very safe, 100 % natural. MUST BE FOD GRADE, not the same stuff you use in the pool filter. Try it from , its the cheapest i've found it(not that its an expensive product)


guys thanks for the tips, i have been to medical doctors and have done teeth cleaning nothing breath comes fro the tongue and gums not inside. please if you have any info on how to cure this monster please email please halitosis is destroying my life.

thaks in advance

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