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I have had scalp psoriasis for many years. I have embarassing patches of hardened skin that flakes over suits. I used bryl bream (red) to attend a 60's party and did not wash it off until the next morning. Hey presto when I did shampoo my scalp was clear. I now use it once a week at night with a different old pillow case and it is totally gone. This was several years ago after over 20 years of suffering. I did forget to take it with me when I went to Africa for 3 weeks and it came back with a vengeance. One application on my return and totally clear again.

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where do you buy brylcreem red? I am only finding locations in the UK. Is this available in drugstores in the Us?


Where do you get bryl cream?


Try using Jason Dandruff Relief (available at It has Sulfur and Salicylic Acid. Good Luck!


I myself have been dealing with red dry thick scaly patches on my sideburn and temple area for the past eight months. In that time I have seen two dermatologists, the first charged $145 a visit (went three times and was diagnosed with scalp psoriasis) During that time I was injected with Cortisone, prescribed Lamisil Tablets, Clobex Spray, and Triamex Cream. I was told to use T-Gel shampoo with Coal Tar and leave it on for several minutes and if possible leave it on and go out in the sun. I tried Vaseline, Baby’s Butt Cream, Vicks Vapor Rub, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Oatmeal Paste, an Epson Salt Soak, Jason’s Dandruff Shampoo, Apple Cider Vinegar, swimming in the ocean hoping the salt water would help and other home remedies I can’t even remember. Not seeing any results I decided to go to a Kaiser dermatologist (covered through my insurance and a $5 co-pay) and he diagnosed my problem as seborrheic dermatitis and not scalp psoriasis. I informed him of the medications I was previously prescribed and he said Clobex is a very strong steroid and warned against using it. He basically said I have three options, which were to do nothing and eventually it should probably go away on its own. Number two, I could use a over-the counter cream or number three, try using Fluocinonide Topical Solution (Lidex) twice a day for two weeks along with T/Sal Shampoo with Salicylic Acid 3.0%. Of course I chose the third option and after one week I have seen amazing results. There are no more scaly patches, my skin is smoother and the redness is starting to go away. On top of that the itching is completely gone. He suggested using the medication for two weeks but if it should go away before that to stop using it since the skin will build up a resistance after two weeks and if I should have another flare up in the future to start the process all over again. I hope this helps since what you have might not be psoriasis at all.


Try this organic product from the UK . You've nothing to lose.I found it very effective.

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