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For Hemorrhoids soak a cotton ball in Witch Hazel and leave on anal for about an hour. Do not place in anal.

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I am doing this now with the Witch Hazel and it works wonders. I put the bottle in the fridge to make it cool and once applied, it feels soooo good.


Hemorrhoids - I've tried this several times and it works wonderfully. Soak a gauze pad with witch hazel and wrap around an ice cube. Then place the ice cube between the cheeks of your buttocks where the hemorrhoid is and sit on it for 10 minutes - remove for 5 minutes and repeat. The hemorrhoid stops itching and shrinks immediately.


I haven't tried the ice cube version of the witch hazel remedy but just applying witch hazel on a cotton ball really works! It is a rather small hemorrhoid but i poured the witch hazel and sat on the cotton balls for about 30 minutes. I did this twice! Not only is it not bothering me, it has shrunk!


Not only does this work, but it is a money saver, as a lot of wipes and pads sold for the hemmeroids are just that-witch hazel.

I will do the cotton ball thing and leave it on the spot overnight & or during the day, and just change it everytime I use the bathroom

Also, if you buy the wich hazel with a squeeze bottle top, it is refreshing just to squeeze a splash or two over the painful area while on the toilet.



Instant relief!


oh my god i am doing it right now it works

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