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1000 mg Fish Oil to reduce itching by about 40% with fleas. I went to my vet today to discuss natural remedies for allergies. He said it is okay to use Brewer's Yeast, fish oil and some oils such as lavender placed on the collar as a repellent. When I mentioned GARLIC he said 'oh no, absolutely no garlic'. He said it will cause renal failure in cats and dogs. I noticed on some sites and postings people mentioning garlic. I you love your pet and want to keep your money then protect your pet from future health problems.

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Just curious did your vet mention dosing? 1000 mg of fish oil per what body weight?


I have always put granulated garlic in my dogs food as long as we have had dogs. They are fine and healthy. I was told by my vet that raw garlic can cause problems, but she had no problems with the granulated garlic.


I have used granulated garlic in my dogs food for years.. he's 13 now and flea free.


the whole garlic being bad for your pet is false. All my veterinarian, pet trainers, animal trainers and tons of other friends uses garlic to combat fleas and ticks. Also garlic is a natural anti fungal and have many healing properties. I use on my pets (2 dogs and 2 cats) and never had a problem.

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