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this is going to sound REALLY gross/weird but you gotta trust me.

okay, what you're going to need is some hot water, plain white vinegar, salt, and black pepper.

So first pour vinegar into a cup, less then half way. you just need enough for the bottom of your glass.

Next, take about a TBS of Salt and pepper and mix it in with the vinegar. the salt will help to dry up and loosen the phlegm, the pepper just clings to it and helps pull it loose, and the vinegar kills all the bacteria.

after you have your vinegar,pepper,salt mixture together. take some hot water from your sink and fill the rest of the glass. the whole point of the water is to just make it more bearable to gargle.
you dont want the water to be boiling, u just want it hot enough so that u can see some steam, so like tea drinking temperature.

now take the mixture and gargle, stick your tongue out a little so that the mixture actually reaches the back of your throat.

As for drinking the mixture.... personally i DONT drink it but if you do drink it nothing bad is going to happen.


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How long do I have to gargle it for ?


Did I come back for anyone???


I thought it was disgusting, but it helper me out!


This really works. This is a remedy my grandparents passed along to my mother and then to me. This will Also tell you if your sore throat is just that or more serious like streap throat. If the symptoms go away, no streap. If not, go to the doctor and get streap test, you'll need antibiotics.


It almost made me throw up but it worked

Joe Mac

It totally worked. Instant relief! Thank you :)


i get all the time sore throt n hope it will helps me coz i want to sing tmrw so that it will help me that my voice can come coz i have a bad voice when i get sore throt plzzzzzz help me


Omygod! This really worked!!! When I read the 'made my throat bleed' comment I was a little nervous but it worked!! THANK YOU SO MUCH <3!

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