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this is going to sound REALLY gross/weird but you gotta trust me.

okay, what you're going to need is some hot water, plain white vinegar, salt, and black pepper.

So first pour vinegar into a cup, less then half way. you just need enough for the bottom of your glass.

Next, take about a TBS of Salt and pepper and mix it in with the vinegar. the salt will help to dry up and loosen the phlegm, the pepper just clings to it and helps pull it loose, and the vinegar kills all the bacteria.

after you have your vinegar,pepper,salt mixture together. take some hot water from your sink and fill the rest of the glass. the whole point of the water is to just make it more bearable to gargle.
you dont want the water to be boiling, u just want it hot enough so that u can see some steam, so like tea drinking temperature.

now take the mixture and gargle, stick your tongue out a little so that the mixture actually reaches the back of your throat.

As for drinking the mixture.... personally i DONT drink it but if you do drink it nothing bad is going to happen.


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okay i just did it and yeah it's breaking up the mucous but it tastes horrible! but my throat still hurts. but it was helpful tho.


I just tried a variation of this after reading. Here's is what I did.
1. Lean head back and put straight salt on sore or in the back of your throat to where you feel like it's working. Leave it there as long as you can then swallow it.
2. Get a cup pour vinegar until the bottom is covered then squeeze half a lemon into the cup with the vinegar. When you're done adding the lemon and vinegar to your liking add about half a cup of water and mix.
3. Drink slowly & it helps if you tilt your head back a little. You don't have to drink it if you don't want but if you don't I suggest not putting water or at least not so much.

Seems to be helping, not too sure how long it'll last. I hope I wake up and this is gone.


Wow!! this is magic. Nothing else works on my sore throat, so when I read this, I was very skeptical. But am I glad I tried it.


Whoever decided to try to be funny and make me throw won. And I don't recommend this to anyone unless you want your mouth to taste like crap.

Carol Sue

My boyfriend has been sucking it and toughing it out for almost two weeks now hoping his throat would do like its done in the past and just turn into a head cold and run its course ....but I'm gonna play the role of Nurse Betty and tell him to suck it up, tough it up and open wide !!! LOL I'm a firm believer in home remedies and though this tops the strange ones it actually makes sense! Let ya know the outcome later...but you already know what it'll be ;0)


I have been trying the salt on the back of my throat through out the day, along with hot and sour soup, and tylenol. The mucus in the back of my throat kills to get up and spit out and I have been so miserable that I slept sitting up. Decided to try this and I think it is working great immediately. Mucus is coming up on it's own and throat doesn't hurt hardly at all. The taste is not bad and is like a really spicy pickle. I used a tsp of salt and pepper about 2 TBSP apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup hot water. Thank You :)


I just tried this!! I had a real bad sore throat and it has eased Just a little! Thanks so much!


oh god thankyou!
I was in so much pain, instant relief!


My throat is bleeding now after trying this... About to go to the ER. Thanks..


WOW! The ingredients definitely seemed horrible, but honestly it sounds worse than what it really is. It done WONDERS for my sore throat! I had been suffering a severe sore throat for 3 days and finally turned to the internet for a solution. I found this and seen all the good comments on it so I took a stab at it. I'm so glad I did as instantly my sore throat was GONE! Thank you so much for sharing this! I recommend this to anyone with any kind of sore throat, severe or not!

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