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Drink a warm cup of coffe to help with constipation.

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well it works but beware of excess dose!
wiking of eyes, and piles are common outcome !


Coffee is a diuretic. This is why it can cause dehydration, as it gives you diarrhea. If you are properly hydrated, and haven't already got diarrhea (which I assume you don't since you are reading up on constipation) then coffee is just fine. There are other, more effective, solutions, but coffee certainly isn't going to hurt.


This works for me almost every time! When i drink 6-8oz of coffee, i make sure to drink equal amounts of water to stay hydrated. Im usually running to the bathroom within the hour! Make sure the coffee is strong btw, it seems to me that when i make strong coffee, it works quicker, especially on an empty stomach. I also take a stool softener to aid the process the night before.

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