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Kitty Cat

So i am 17 and have stretch marks and cellulite . I weight 110 pounds talk about unfair right? Anyways i came across using coffee grounds to get rid of cellulite because of the caffenine in them they tighten skin while expoliating .. (sorry for the terrible spelling) just mix some used coffee grounds with some olive oil or warm water amd rub on ur skin.. Put a towel down its messy .. Leave on for a few mins u can also wrap plastic wrap around it for like 10 mins and then shower off.. My marks and cellulite have really improved.. Repeat a couple times a week . Good luck ladiess

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Do you know If it would also work with this energy gum I have? One of it's main ingredients is caffiene. But I don't wana waste it if it won't work cuse the gum is somewhat expensive. But on the other hand I'm relle desperate for somthing to get rid of these stretch marks.


hello.I am 17.I have stretch marks and I try to use coffee ground with olive oil in my skin.but I don't know why my stretch marks are again??please help me haw to remove my strech marks in my skin.HAw many times need they to disappear?????Please ladys help me becouse I have a big problem..


How much coffee and olive oil should I mix together? And you mentioned used coffee, what if a person doesn't drink coffee can't they use coffee right out of the container?

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