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Kitty cat

So i am 17 and have stretch marks and cellulite . I weight 110 pounds talk about unfair right? Anyways i came across using coffee grounds to get rid of cellulite because of the caffenine in them they tighten skin while expoliating .. (sorry for the terrible spelling) just mix some used coffee grounds with some olive oil or warm water amd rub on ur skin.. Put a towel down its messy .. Leave on for a few mins u can also wrap plastic wrap around it for like 10 mins and then shower off.. My marks and cellulite have really improved.. Repeat a couple times a week . Good luck ladiess

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Hi, thanks for ya tip, l`m trying it tonight. I feel for you at 17, please iggy the rude people that mentions spelling, Im 47 and l`m a business manager, L cant spell for nuts. mwa




im 18 and 105 and i have them too so i feel for you!

Momma T

My little girl or should I say young lady of a daughter is also 17 and she is using this too ,,,and she is not the best speeler just like me and I love she doesnt claim to be perfect like some people do << I like all the supporters out there that help us speak out for our children !!! : )


I am 22 and I also have cellulite. Im going to try this! thank you sweetie! I agree with the other ladies, and apologize for the ignorance of the ass (for lack of a better word)who chose to pick on you. again thank you!


If anyone has used this treatment please post. As all I'm reading is people who are going to try it.


It's EXFOLIATING! There's no excuse for not knowing how to write properly. You should think less about your thighs and go read a book or two. It's no wonder the world is going down the drain, look at this generation, it's all about sex and Iphones!

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