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I had a very bad ear ache yesterday. I was swimming the day before,so I believe it was the occasional swimmer's ear. Although,this remedy will work for any type of ear ache. First,get some regular cooking oil and pour about a teaspoon size amount into a small teacup. Next,heat the oil,just a little bit so it gets warm. Once the oil is heated (warm *not hot* ),get a SMALL knife and dip it into the oil. (This is used so the oil runs down the knife onto the knife's point to make a perfect droplet). Dip the knife into the oil and hold the knife over your ear so the oil drips into the ear canal. Do this repeatedly until the ear canal is full. Get a cotton ball and cover the area filled with oil. After you do this,you can put your head back in up right position. When you go to bed,make sure you sleep on the side opposite of the aching ear. I recommend doing this a little while before going to sleep. Once you do this,you will feel instant relief in 5-10 minutes!! This really does work!! I did this last night before going to sleep. And by the morning(today),the pain was gone!! *This is a two person job. Get your mom, or another adult to do this process for you. Because your head will need to be tilted all the way on its side for the oil to go into the ear canal. And you won't be able to look into a mirror when doing this.* My mom did the whole process for me. I got this remedy from her. And I thought I would share it with you so your pain goes away as fast as mine did!! I really recommend trying this,you won't regret it!! Hope this helps a lot of people.

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does it hurt ?


It is sweet oil slighly warm and it's an old india remedy.


It is sweet oil slighly warm and it's an old indian remedy.


I agree!!! This always worked for me as a kid with chronic ear infections.


My mom always used karo oil (I think that's what it was called) at room temp

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