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I had a very bad ear ache yesterday. I was swimming the day before,so I believe it was the occasional swimmer's ear. Although,this remedy will work for any type of ear ache. First,get some regular cooking oil and pour about a teaspoon size amount into a small teacup. Next,heat the oil,just a little bit so it gets warm. Once the oil is heated (warm *not hot* ),get a SMALL knife and dip it into the oil. (This is used so the oil runs down the knife onto the knife's point to make a perfect droplet). Dip the knife into the oil and hold the knife over your ear so the oil drips into the ear canal. Do this repeatedly until the ear canal is full. Get a cotton ball and cover the area filled with oil. After you do this,you can put your head back in up right position. When you go to bed,make sure you sleep on the side opposite of the aching ear. I recommend doing this a little while before going to sleep. Once you do this,you will feel instant relief in 5-10 minutes!! This really does work!! I did this last night before going to sleep. And by the morning(today),the pain was gone!! *This is a two person job. Get your mom, or another adult to do this process for you. Because your head will need to be tilted all the way on its side for the oil to go into the ear canal. And you won't be able to look into a mirror when doing this.* My mom did the whole process for me. I got this remedy from her. And I thought I would share it with you so your pain goes away as fast as mine did!! I really recommend trying this,you won't regret it!! Hope this helps a lot of people.

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Hard to believe but our local pharmist also recommed this same remedy. First time I've heard of it. Hoping it helps my granddaughter's ear feel better today!


i have learned you should never use cooking oil. For it can cause a worse infection. My doctor says to use baby oil.

Matt from Pa

I tried this and it work great for the first couple of nights and after that it didnt work its now been two weeks and I cant seem to get the ringing to go away cant afford the doctor any ideas will someone answer that phone


Thank you very much for posting this! You helped me out a lot. My brother had swimmers ear and he just cried over it. And when I tried this remedy he felt a lot better! Thanks again!


This remedy has been around forever. But, it's olive oil, not cooking oil. You only heat it til it's just warm....not hot. You'll burn your ear canal and ear drum. This is really only a pain relief method. This is not a cure for an ear infection where an antibiotic is needed.


I was kept awake almost in tears for a few hours from an ear infection lastnight so I google home remedies and gave this a try. Is settled the pain right down enough fpr me to get some sleep. I dont know why I didnt think of it as my mum used to ise a medicated heated oil on me as a child. Thanks fpr the heads up;)


To everyone doing the warm oil in the ear. You all are close. The oil in the ear works for pain. But to stop the pain and cure the infection you need to do the following: #1- Get Tea Tree Oil. Nothing that has alot of ingredients like most tea tree oils for hair. Its not hard to find at all. I got mines on the health and beauty isle of safeway and it is 100% Tea Tree Oil, nothing else is in it. #2 Because it is 100% tea Tree oil it is very strong so you need to cut it. For every drop of tea oil add a drop of baby oil and mix it. #3 DO NOT HEAT OIL!!!!!!! U want the oil to be room/body temp. Cold or to warm ear will make u light headed and dizzy and can also cause serious damage to ear canal and ear drum. Tea Tree oil comes in a very small container, just sit on it for a minute or 2 and its good to go. #4 Add mixture to ear canal with your head tilted to the side or lay down on your side with the bad ear up. #5 put a cotton ball or tissue in your ear to stop it from coming out. Hope you feel better

J Hege

My Mom did this all the time when me an my brother were young. Its the best remedy I know of.


this worked for about 5 mins for me but nothing else worked so now i will be able to fall asleep thanks

T. Smith

This is a reliable remedy, except, you are suppose to use mineral oil. I have bought the ear drops and ended up getting a worse ear infection, but the warm mineral oil and a cotton ball was the fix. A heating pad or hot water bottle works wonders in connection with the mineral oil treatment.

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